Top tips on how to prevent flooding in your probate property

Large flood with flood sign

Recently in Sheffield we’ve been experiencing severe flooding. Flooding is hazardous to properties at the best of times but if your property is unoccupied it can be particularly damaging and expensive, with no one there to keep the water at bay. With that in mind we’ve put together our top tips to help you preserve your unoccupied property, or property in probate, as much as possible during a flood. It’s worth spending a little time prepping the property before times of high flood risk. Although they might not prevent all flood damage, by taking these measures you can hopefully restrict it as much as possible.

  1. Make sure the brick work is in a good condition – particularly on the lower part of the walls. Any partially intact bricks or crumbly pointing allows water to get into the structure of the house easily. Repointing and mending damaged brickwork will make the property more durable to flood damage

  2. Keep sandbags in the property – sometimes flooding is forecast beforehand. If the weather forecast predicts potential flooding then it might be worth popping to the property with sandbags and position them. Have a look at your local council’s website to find out where you can get sandbags

  3. Check the weather regularly during the winter and look out for flood warnings. If there is one in your area then make sure you move all valuables from low level to high level storage

  4. Take photos of your unoccupied property in its current state, including any high value items in there such as furniture. This will make it easier for insurance companies to help with your claim if the interior of your property is damaged

  5. If a flood is imminent then put some sandbags in toilets and sinks to prevent sewage coming back into your property

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