Chartered Status

The title is awarded to firms that are committed to developing and maintaining the capability of their staff, in order to deliver the highest quality advice. Empowered by the Privy Council, and the award is only made when firms can demonstrate that they have reached an incredibly high standard.

As a Chartered broker, we must follow a demanding code of ethical practice, which means working in an ethical manner and always placing our clients’ interests first.

Our Chartered status brings with it some serious obligations, and we are required to ensure the advice, service and ongoing support that we offer is of the highest quality, based solely on your researched needs, and provided by someone operating within their level of competency.

We meet our obligations in a number of ways: firstly, we are committed to the technical and professional development of our staff, particularly through professional qualifications; secondly, we ensure all customer-facing staff belong to the industry’s professional body, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and adhere to its Code of Ethics; and thirdly, we adhere to the CII’s professional development requirements by ensuring our staff keep their skills-set and knowledge up to date.